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Recreational students are placed in classes based primarily on their age, but experience, ability and friends are important factors that can determine what class is best suited for them. Classes have been specifically programmed to allow our dancers to continually improve on technique, co-ordination and choreography while always ensuring creativity and fun! All teachers have been trained with this syllabus to ensure all our dancers are developing and learning at a consistent pace.

Mid Year Concert - TBC 2020

End Year Concert - TBC 2020

Rhythm and Rhyme

This class is for students aged 6 months-2 years. This class includes a parent/guardian to engage in activities with the student and allows the student to enter a world of imagination and creativity. Exploring new themes each week the students will develop their memory, coordination, gross motor skills, musicality, social skills and fitness. The students will engage in activities involving dancing, singing and instruments. The perfect bridging class into our Pre-K groups.

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A fun and dynamic class, based on the current style of strength, tricks and tumbling performed with safe acrobatic technique. This also includes increasing flexibility and involves contortion aspects.

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A high intensity and face paced genre that includes the use of pom poms. This genre utilises strength through pom motions with jazz style moves combined.

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A high intensity class incorporating theatrical and commercial styles of the genre. Enabling students to execute moves with the correct technique and performance qualities.

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Musical Theatre

A combination of dance, drama, singing, acting and much more allows students to explore the world of performing arts.

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A percussive dance class, enabling students to create sound using their feet and body's. This class is taught off the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus and is available for exams.

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Not just a fitness class! Our 18+ adults class is for beginners through to advance exploring all genres of dance in a fun and appropriate environment!

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A technical class that teaches the students the correct way to execute movements, skills and steps. Following the traditional classical format.

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Boys Ninja Hip Hop

Our boys only hip hop is the perfect combination of break dance, hip hop and acrobatics in a fun and enthusiastic environment. We have a Junior and Senior class. The boys will learn the fundamentals of each genre while building lasting friendships and gaining confidence. Boost their self esteem and develop coordination and musicality skills.

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Recognised as American style cheerleading seen in movies such as Bring it on, allows students to engage in strength, dance and tumbling skills.

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A combination of strength, contortion, acrobatics and the use of equipment allows our students to begin a pathway relevant to Cirque de Soleil

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Hip Hop

Explores the street style and commercial aspects of the genre alongside learning to breakdance and execute tricks.

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